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Friday, 23 September 2016

Germany: Knochenhaueramtshaus in Hildesheim

Today I got a postcard from Germany.

It shows the Knochenhaueramtshaus in Hildesheim. The Knochenhaueramtshaus is a masterpiece of the Gothic style and is said to be the most beautiful half-timbered house in the World. It was built in 1529 as meeting place of the butchers' guild. During World War II it was destroyed, but was rebuilt between 1987 and 1989. Today it houses the Municipal Museum of Hildesheim.

500 years German Purity Law (issued 07-04-2016)

Thank You very much Julia!

USA: Snoqualmie Falls

Yesterday I got two postcards: one from the USA and one from Japan.

The card from the USA shows the Snoqualmie Falls. The Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most popular scenic attractions in the State of Washington. It is known for its appearance in the television series Twin Peaks.

Penguins (issued 01-06-2015)
Star Trek (two from set of four) (issued 02-09-2016)

Thank You very much Sara!

Japan: Niigata City Art Museum

Yesterday I got two postcards: one from Japan and one from the USA.

The card from Japan shows the Niigata City Art Museum. The Niigata City Art Museum was opened in 1985 in a building designed by Kunio Mayekawa. 

Definitives (two from set of twelve) (issued 2015)
with a special postmark showing Posukuma

Thank You very much Keiko!

France: Paris

On Wednesday I got two postcards from France.

Both cards show illustrations of Paris.

With a nice stamp:
New Marianne 0,10€
Les Légendaires (from set of two) (issued 16-09-2016)
Les Légendaires is a French series of comic books created by Patrick Sobral. It tells the story of a group of heroes in a medieval fantasy world, after a disaster has brought back the population to their childhood. The stamp and the label show Jadina, Shimy and Razzia. On the label there is a QR code.
with First Day Special Postmark

With a nice stamp:
New Marianne 0,10€
Les Légendaires (from set of two) (issued 16-09-2016)
The stamp and the label show Danaël and Gryf.
with First Day Special Postmark

Thank You very much William!

Germany: Altes Land

On Tuesday I got three postcards: two from Germany and one from Hong Kong.

One of the cards from Germany shows various views of the Altes Land. The Altes Land is an area of reclaimed marshland on the river Elbe in the German States of Hamburg and Lower Saxony. It is the biggest contiguous fruit-producing region in Central Europe and has a culture dominated by farming. Especially known it is for the cultivation of apples and cherries. Jork is the centre of the area and in 1990 the Museum Altes Land (lower row second from left) opened there.

Salmon (02-01-2014)

Thank You very much Svenja!

Germany: Eisleben’s Wiesenmarkt

On Tuesday I got three postcards: two from Germany and one from Hong Kong.

One of the cards from Germany shows fun rides on Eisleben’s Wiesenmarkt. Eisleben’s Wiesenmarkt is an annual funfair. It was first held in 1521 and is today the largest funfair in Central Germany. 

The card was sent from the Postcrossing Meet-up in Eisleben.
Chiemsee (from set of two) (issued 01-07-2015)

Thank You very much Thomas!

Hong Kong: Teachers' Day

On Tuesday I got three postcards: one from Hong Kong and two from Germany.

The card from Hong Kong is a maxicard printed for the Teachers' Day. The stamp is from a set of four and was issued on 6th September 2016.

Thank You very much Joe!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Polish Postcrossing Stamp

On Saturday I got my order from Polish Post.

I ordered the new Polish Postcrossing stamp (issued 14-07-2016), the FDC of the stamp and the Postcrossing Postal card issued in 2014.

I also ordered some other stamps, which were on my wishlist for a long time:
Frozen (issued 01-06-2015)
EUROPA (issued 05-05-2015)
Polish Animated Cartoons-Reksio (whole set) (issued 20-05-2016)
25 years German-Polish Youth Office (issued 02-06-2016)
It is a joint issue with Germany.

China: Xanadu

On Saturday I got three postcards: one from China, one from New Zealand and one from Brazil.

The card from China shows the monument of Kublai Khan in Xanadu. Xanadu was Kublai Khan's capital, where he established the Yuan dynasty that ruled China over a century. It was a unique attempt to assimilate the Mongolian and Han Chinese cultures. Around 1275 the city was visited by Marco Polo and in 1369 it was destroyed by the Ming army. The Site of Xanadu is since 2012 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Fishes of the Coral Reef (from set of eight) (issued 22-12-1998)

Thank You very much Danise!

Brazil: 2016 Summer Paralympics

On Saturday I got three postcards: one from Brazil, one from China and one from New Zealand.

The card from Brazil was printed for the 2016 Summer Paralympics. The 2016 Summer Paralympics were held in Rio de Janeiro between the 7th and the 18th September 2016. It was the first time that the Paralympics were held in South America.

With matching stamps:
Celebration of the Paralympics-Opening Ceremony (from set of three) (issued 05-08-2016)
Olympics and Paralympics (from set of sixteen) (issued 27-06-2016)

Thank You very much Lucas!