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Monday, 5 December 2016

Germany: Alte Pinakothek in Munich

On Thursday I got four postcards from Germany.

One of them shows Titian's Emperor Charles V from the collection of the Alte Pinakothek in Munich. The Alte Pinakothek is an art museum opened in 1836. It shows the Old Masters' paintings from the Bavarian State Painting Collections, one of the most famous collections of its kind. 
I bought this card recently in the Kunsthalle Hamburg.

With a matching stamp:
Treasures of German Museums (from set of two) (issued 07-04-2016)

Germany: German Hygiene Museum

On Thursday I got four postcards from Germany.

One of them shows the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. The German Hygiene Museum was founded in 1912 after the International Hygiene Exhibition. In 1930 it moved to its current building. One of the biggest attractions of the museum is the Transparent Man. The Nazis later abused the museum to promote their racial ideology and eugenics. During the time of the GDR it resumed its role as a communicator of public health information and between 1982 and 1991 it was a Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization. After the reunification it was renovated. As cultural institution of national importance in the former East Germany it was included in the German government's Blue Book in 2001.

Chiemsee (from set of two) (issued 01-07-2015)

Thank You very much Amelie!

Germany: Celle Castle

On Thursday I got four postcards from Germany.

One of them shows the Celle Castle. The Celle Castle is the largest castle in the southern Lüneburg Heath region and was once used as residence of the House of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Since 2007 it houses a museum about the House of Welf and the Kingdom of Hanover.

Chiemsee (from set of two) (issued 01-07-2015)

Thank You very much Julia!

Germany: Christmas Market in Cologne's Old Town

On Thursday I got four postcards from Germany.

One of them shows the Christmas Market in Cologne's Old Town. The Christmas Market in the Old Town is the biggest and most traditional of Cologne’s Christmas markets. It is known for its big ice skating area. 

With a personalised stamp showing one of Cologne's famous Heinzelmännchen

Thank You very much Marcel!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Cards and Covers from Luxembourg

On Wednesday I got four postcards and two covers from Luxembourg.

The first card shows a map of the country.

EUROPA (whole set) (issued 10-05-2016)

The second card shows the coat of arms of Luxembourg's twelve Cantons.

175 years Penny Black (issued 22-09-2015)
Grand Duke Henri 0,05€ (issued 07-12-2010)
Vegetables of Yesteryear (from set of three) (issued 22-09-2015)

The third card is a cheat sheet.

Vegetables of Yesteryear (from set of three) (issued 22-09-2015)
New Campus of the University of Luxembourg (issued 03-03-2016)
The stamp is covered with silver foil.

The last card shows the Royal Family of Luxembourg.

With matching stamps:
15 years reign of Grand Duke Henri (issued 22-09-2015)
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Princess Alexandra & Prince Sébastien (whole set) (issued 03-03-2016)

Cover 1:
sepac (issued 13-09-2016)
350 years Virgin Mary as patroness of the City of Luxembourg (issued 13-09-2016)
It is a joint issue with the Vatican.
The Games of the XXXI Olympiad of Rio (issued 10-05-2016)

Cover 2:
Grand Duke Henri 0,01€ and 0,03€ (issued 01-10-2003)
Grand Duke Henri 0,05€ and 0,10€ (issued 07-12-2010)
Grand Duke Henri 0,25€ (issued 16-03-2004)
Grand Duke Henri 0,30€ (issued 01-10-2001)
Grand Duke Henri 0,50€ (issued 16-03-2004)

Thank You very much William!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Italy: Church of San Vitale in Ravenna

On Saturday I got two postcards: one from Italy and one from Germany.

The card from Italy shows the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna. The Church of San Vitale was begun in 527 and was finished in 548, after Ravenna was captured by the Byzantine Empire. It is one of the most important examples of early Christian Byzantine architecture in Europe and houses the largest and best preserved Byzantine mosaics outside of Istanbul. It is also the only major church from the period of the Emperor Justinian I to survive until today. As one of the Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna it is since 1996 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Italian Mail (from set of two) (issued 01-12-2014)

Thank You very much Alessandro!

Germany: Halberstadt Cathedral

On Saturday I got two postcards: one from Germany and one from Italy.

The card from Germany shows the Halberstadt Cathedral in the German State of Saxony-Anhalt. The Halberstadt Cathedral is one of only a few big churches in Germany inspired by the French Gothic cathedrals. It was built between 1236 and 1491 and is known for its large treasure. During World War II it was badly damaged, but later it was restored. 

Lighthouses (from set of two) (issued 07-07-2016)

Thank You very much Birgit!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

USA: Alamo Mission in San Antonio

On Friday I got two postcards: one from the USA and one from Hong Kong.

The card from the USA shows the Alamo Mission in San Antonio in the US State of Texas. The Alamo Mission was founded by Franciscan missionaries in 1744 and was first used to teach Native Americans the Christian beliefs. During the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 Texian soldiers were killed in the Alamo Mission by Mexican troops. Since 1968 it is used as museum. As one of the San Antonio Missions it is since 2015 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Indian Head Penny (issued 11-01-1978)
Neon Celebrate (issued 09-09-2015)
From Me To You (issued 01-04-2015)
Stamp Collecting (issued 17-11-1972)

Thank You very much Matthew!

Hong Kong: Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

On Friday I got two postcards: one from Hong Kong and one from the USA.

The card from Hong Kong is from the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum. The Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum was opened in 2006 in the Kom Tong Hall. It shows various relics of the revolutionary and statesman Dr Sun Yat-sen and focuses on his early years, which he had spent in Hong Kong.

With a great matching stamp:
150th birthday of Dr Sun Yat-sen (from set of four) (issued 12-11-2016)
It is a joint issue with China and Macau.
with First Day Special Postmark

Thank You very much Kayee!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Germany: The Art of Otto Dix

On Thursday I got a postcard from Germany.

It shows the painting To Beauty by Otto Dix. Otto Dix was was a German painter and printmaker born in 1891. He was already exposed to art in his early life and entered the Academy of Applied Arts in 1910. He was one of the founders of the Dresden Secession group in 1919 and his works were shown during the German Expressionists exhibition in Darmstadt and the first Dada Fair in Berlin. He was known for his ruthless and harshly realistic depictions of the society during the Weimar Republic and became one of the most important artists of the New Objectivity, Neue Sachlichkeit. After the Nazis took over power in Germany they regarded Dix as a degenerate artist and some of his paintings were burned as Entartete Kunst. He had to join the Reich Chamber of Fine Arts and was forced to paint only inoffensive landscapes, but occasionally he still painted allegorical paintings that criticized Nazi ideals. After World War II Dix gained recognition in East and West Germany. He died in 1969.

To Beauty is today shown in the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal. The Von der Heydt Museum was opened in 1902. It shows art from the 17th century until today. Under Nazi rule many of its exhibits were destroyed or sold, as they were regarded as Entartete Kunst. 

I bought this card recently in the Wolfsburg Art Museum.

With a matching stamp:
125th birthday of Otto Dix (issued 02-11-2016)
with a special postmark from the Gunzenhauser Museum in Chemnitz

In the Wolfsburg Art Museum I bought also three other cards showing Otto Dix' paintings.

Der Krieg is shown in the New Masters Gallery in Dresden. The New Masters Gallery is one of the most important museums of modern art in Germany. It emerged in 1843 when the Dresden Painting Gallery started to puchase contemporary art and in 1931 it moved to its own building. During World War II a part of its collections was destroyed by bombing. The modern day New Masters Gallery was founded in 1959 and is housed in the Albertinum since 1965.

Otto Dix enthusiastically volunteered for the German Army when World War I began. He was assigned to a field artillery regiment and later fought on the Western Front, including the Battle of the Somme. His regiment was moved to the Eastern Front in November 1917 and to Flanders in February 1918, where he took part in the German Spring Offensive. He was discharged from service in December 1918 after he was wounded in the neck. After the war he had to fight with a recurring nightmare and handled his sights in various paintings. 

Straßenbild is shown in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is a museum of modern art. It was opened in 2005 and houses one of the most important collections of Otto Dix' works.

The portrait of Theodor Däubler is shown in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. The Museum Ludwig was founded in 1976. It houses a big collection of art of the 20th and 21st century including one of the largest Picasso collections in Europe.